Player Insurance Information

Below is a summary of cover for the GAA Benefit Fund.

Please see Player Injury Procedure for the steps to follow when a player receives an injury.


 Summary of Benefits


1) Lifetime Disability Benefit (Payable in addition to any other benefit) €300,000

A single identifiable occurrence on the field of play resulting in permanent total physical paralysis such that the Insured Person is confined to a wheelchair for life


2) Capital Benefits

  a. Permanent Total Disablement – up to €100,000

b. Loss of Sight – up to €100,000

c. Permanent partial loss of sight – up to €100,000

d. Loss of Limb(s) - €100,000

e. Complete and incurable paralysis - €100,000


 Permanent Partial Disablement – up to a maximum of €50,000.


3) Death Benefit – Adult or Married Youth - €50,000 – Youth - €25,000


4) Medical – Otherwise unrecoverable medical expenses are covered up to a maximum of €4,500.00  

The first €100.00 of each and every claim is excluded

There is no cover for pre-operative physiotherapy \ treatments. The only physiotherapy \ treatments that maybe claimed are for treatments that are post-operative i.e. physiotherapy \ treatment that takes place after a surgical procedure.

If you have cover under the Public Health System \ National Health Service, you must avail of cover under the appropriate system before seeking to submit a claim under the GAA Injury Benefit Fund.

If you have private medical insurance e.g. VHI, Laya Health Care, Aviva, Glo Health etc. or cover under any Personal Accident policy, a claim must be made with your private medical \ personal accident provider for both inpatient and outpatient medical expenses.


5) Dental Benefit – otherwise unrecoverable dental expenses up to a maximum of €4,500.00.

The first €100.00 of each and every claim is excluded.


6) Supplementary Hospital Benefit – A claimant can claim for a stay in hospital* provided they are an in-patient for a minimum of 10 consecutive days and they can claim for a maximum of 15 days.


7) Loss of wages (applicable (a) to adults and (b) to youths who are in full time employment at the date of injury)

Otherwise unrecoverable loss of basic nett wages (i.e. excluding overtime, bonuses, unsociable working hours, commission, allowances etc.) payable up to 52 weeks but excluding the first week.

Social Welfare \ Income Protection and / or other entitlements will be considered as recoverable income and will be deducted from the basic nett wage.

Benefit is payable for full weeks only and the maximum benefit payable per week is as follows:

Weeks 1 - No Benefit

Weeks 2 – 4 - Up to €200.00

Weeks 5 – 52 - Up to €400.00



When members voluntarily take part in Club Activities, they accept the risks that such participation may bring.

Benefits \ Conditions may be altered from time to time at the discretion of Cumann Lúthchleas Gael

The injury scheme is funded entirely from Club and GAA funds with no outside (e.g. insurance) involvement. There is no legal obligation on the GAA to provide such a scheme.

An Adult is a registered and fully paid member of Blarney GAA Club who is 18 years of age or over on the 1st January of the calendar year.

A Youth is a registered and fully paid member of Blarney GAA Club who is under 18 years of age on the 1st January of the calendar year.


Important: The GAA Injury Benefit Fund does not seek to compensate fully for injury but to supplement other Schemes such as your existing Health Insurance. Blarney GAA Club strongly encourages all members take out your own private health insurance cover.


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