Strategic review of Rebel Óg structures 2018-10-25 18:06:00

The Cork GAA Strategic Plan 2018-2020 requires a review of Coiste nÓg to ensure the

current structures can cope with the issues and demands that are evolving since 2012.

Following the deliberations at the Strategic Review Committee (SRC) meeting with the

regions and the subsequent meeting of the sub-committee of the SRC it was unanimously

agreed that a new Mid Region of Rebel Og should be formed. A new Mid Region

and a new East Region would substantially comprise the clubs currently in the East

Region. It was recognised by all the importance of the Central P1 and P2 grades as the 

arena for the best of our teams to compete against one another and as a platform for

the players to develop and hone their skills.

Under the recommendations, Blarney would take up residence in the new Mid Region.

Strategic Review 16th Oct 2018 (Low Res.).pdf

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