St Stephens Day 2017-12-24 19:14:00

Our Annual St Stephens Day events will be taking place once again this year. 

At 11am we will be commencing with our walk through the beautiful Blarney Castle grounds. We will leave the GAA grounds and turn left and enter the castle grounds at the Gate Lodge (opposite entrance to Polisax). From here we will carry on to the top of the avenue and we will turn right under the arch, bringing us alongside the castle itself. This will bring us down to the lake and back around by the arch where we will then make our way back to the clubhouse.

Light refreshments will be provided after the walk at the clubhouse.

at 1pm we will have our Poc Fada. Starting at the Bake House on Waterloo Rd., we will make our way to the Waterloo Inn on what has proven to be a difficlut yet enjoyable route over the years. 

Light refreshments will be provided at the Waterloo Inn.

Categories: General, Ladies & Family

E15 per team of three

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