Over 35's Social Hurling - 1st Dec 2018-11-02 09:30:00

Recently Cork GDA Colm Crowley started a new initiative to encourage over 30's to play hurling and football in a social game. See Twitter page here for more info.

Are you over 35?

Are you interested in hurling?

Over the last few weeks we got great interest to run an over 35's hurling game in Blarney. The mini blitz will take place on the evening of Saturday 1st December on our Astroturf pitch.

There will be small rule changes, the games will be on a smaller pitch, etc. The evening is all about having a laugh, getting exercise and a social drink after.

Look out for more news on this event here in the coming weeks re rules, numbers a side, etc

Players over 35 of all abilities welcome.

If interested, please contact Dave McCarthy on 087 696 1356.

Start locating your helmets, shin guards, protective gloves and anything else that will help protect!

Note each player will be required to sign a waiver as this event is not covered by the Player Injury Benefit Fund.

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